Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen – A little crampy

I have been wanting to include Japanese restaurants into this supposedly dessert blog of mine ever since I
changed my blog focus from to dessertingbeauty. I felt that it was quite a waste
if I just left these pictures to rot in my hard disk, without sharing my personal opinions of my dining
experiences. I shall only include Japanese cuisine since I am a fan of it and I find it closely related to beauty
and zen which is still part of my blog focus.
I shall start with Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen which is located at Novena Square 2, cramped into a small outlet
space. Just like a small typical Japanese restaurant with the right ambiance where the voices of staff kept
booming throughout. I felt slightly irritated by the noise level in this squeezy restaurant at first but my
irritation was quickly dismissed upon the arrival of my food.

I ordered the Karamiso Ramen with gyoza set and the ramen can be easily defined by the little molehill of
blended spicy miso paste. After a thorough mix of the paste with my soup, I found the soup broth spot on
with my taste buds, although the spiciness level was not there. I can say that it was fortunate for me as I
have really low tolerance for spiciness. Sadly, the flavoured egg was slightly overcooked and the yolk was
only semi molten. As for the pork belly, it was definitely not the melt-in-the-mouth type and it required
some chewing to be done. Overall, I still wiped the entire content in my bowl clean.  

I shared the gyoza with my friend and it was rather decent. Although slightly
oily, the gyoza skin was really thin, resulting in it being less filling and more meaty.

My friend ordered a different set so that we could explore more from its menu. His Shoyu Ramen which
was with soy sauce paste, had a rather mild soy sauce taste and would be really suitable for people who
were afraid of having too much sodium intake. 

The fried rice which was part of my friend’s ramen set came in this really hot stone pot. My friend began
his mixing as soon as the pot hits the table to prevent the base from being burnt. While he mixed, I felt that
the sizzling sound was instigating us to dig right into the piping hot fried rice. 
Look at that amount of spring
onions which my friend went to remove bit by bit as he disliked them. The egg was the one that enhanced
the taste of the fried rice, giving the dish its fragrance as well as a slightly charred taste. 

Just like the flavoured eggs from the ramen, these add-on eggs were also slightly over cooked. My friend
and I should have waited for our ramen to arrive first, checked out the eggs before ordering extras.

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