Dolce Tokyo Japanese . Italian Cafe – Satisfying Meal

After dumbly going up the escalators for a couple of floors instead of just taking the lift, I finally found
Dolce Tokyo among the many apparel outlets. After waiting a couple of minutes without anyone coming to
lead me to my seat, I took my initiative to walk in and choose my own preferable spot. The place was kind
of dim and rather cramp and I was glad that it was still too early to crash with the dinner crowd. 

Here is my complimentary set meal voucher which I was lucky enough to win from a
blog’s giveaway and I decided to try out the food. By the way, I am that type of
assholes who love to near the walkway where people walking past could peek and
have a glimpse of the yummy food that I was about to be served.

My matcha latte arrived first and I was glad it did as I was getting thirsty. Taking a
sip, I felt a rush of sweetness spreading across my mouth rapidly before the green tea
taste actually surface. I understand that not many people would appreciate the bitter
taste of green tea itself, or was it a sugar syrup overshot? The latte felt musty and
diluted with plenty of ice which I did not quite like as I would normally opt for a hot
one if I had a choice. I still finish it up though.

My curry omelette rice with pork belly skewers and other sides arrived shortly and I was amazed to see
such large portion, awaiting me to indulge in. However, I resisted my barbaric urge to start gobbling bites
of everything within mere seconds. The omelette rice was mediocre to me while the sides were awesome. I
did a really stupid mistake by taking in a mouthful of unchewable jellyfish and I had to swallow the entire
mouthful down my throat. The cold potato salad had apple slices in them and they were all gone in a big
spoonfuls. The baby octopus was in dismembered form except of its head and they tasted just like those
usual ones. The best which I kept for the finale was the pork belly skewer. Tender, delicious and FATTY
which I tried not to mind due to the word collagen spinning in my head, distracting myself from thinking too

Another picture of the side dishes! I really love the pork belly and I foresee myself
coming back again for their desserts if I had the chance and the company.

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