Project Title: Upgrade Inspired by the sci-fi high technological advancement which would due to modernise our society. The part of the iron man armour already represents technology beyond the current standards.


Project Title: Levitation The idea of enjoyment, carefree and relaxation. Levitating without any worries to weigh me down. Animation can be viewed here.

Night Rider

Project Title: Night Rider Inspired by the beautiful yet mysterious architectural buildings of Japan. The edit intensify the mysteriousness as I ‘cycled’ on water. Click here to view animation.


Project Title: Pinky An art of dual meaning. Do I mean the sky colour or the little finger? It is also an attempt to animate an unanimated ‘stone’ sculpture located at Da Nang , Vietnam. Click here to view animation.

Historical Hue, Vietnam

Project Title: Historical Hue, Vietnam Would like to feature Hue, a historic place in Vietnam which I had visited last year. The attempt trying to make the image appear more 3D like. Animation can be view here.

Flickering Lights

Project Title: Flickering Lights Lanterns are meant to lit up the darkness. How about when the darkness lit up the lanterns? Click here to view animation.

Heaven’s Keeper

Project Title: Heaven’s Keeper Inspired by the world of gamification where characters own unusual pets or creatures that only exists in our imagination. A scene of how feeding such a creature might look like.

Leap Of Faith

Project Title: Leap Of Faith Sometimes we trust our survival instincts and a little luck. When the ground starts breaking apart, believe in faith and leap on forward.

Broken Seal

Project Title: Broken Seal Inspired by the idea of gamification where a seal usually plays an important role of constraint against undesirable power or destruction. Animation can be viewed here.

Celestial Rain

Project Title: Celestial Rain Inspired by the fact that people seek inorganic means such as buying followers, likes and comments just for fame. Artificial rain to reap artificial growth, just like the plant growing behind. Animation could be view here.