Guardian Wisps

Project Title: Guardian Wisps Inspired by the idea of walking through a labyrinth of darkness with wisps as guardian leading the way. Animation available for viewing here.


Project Title: Distortion Inspired by the notion of reality. If life is like a malfunctioned CCTV TV, would you still perceive what you see on its screen as the truth?  

Jig Saw

Project Title: Jig Saw The idea of having bit and pieces of destruction amidst the mundane four walls with graphic illustrations on exhibit.

船到桥头自然直 (We will cross the bridge when we come to it)

Project Title: 船到桥头自然直 Edit inspired by the Chinese proverb ”船到桥头自然直”, which is translated to ”We will cross the bridge when we come to it”. It means that things will eventually turn out fine or let’s worry about it when it happens. Somehow similar meaning to the English idiom ”let the nature take its course.”  

Spacial Dream

Project Title: Spacial Dream The word ‘Spacial’ derived from the word space and inspired by a foodie’s dream of dining out in space. Feasting on a meteorite as dishes float around brings about a surreal experience.

Release The Kraken

Project Title: Release The Kraken Inspired by the art of summoning a creature via a magical portal. The pavilion acts as a gateway to summon the Kraken from the mystical realm.

Bamboo Wisps

Project Title: Bamboo Wisps A forest is often depicted as a magical realm. This edit is inspired by the modernity of a bamboo forest where the wisps are source of mysterious light.

Crazy Not Rich Asian

Project Title: Crazy Not Rich Asian Inspired by the Chinese culture, the act of burning hell notes during the Ghost Festival, also known as the Hungry Ghost Festival (中元节). Burning joss paper is part of the activities carried out during that month. Animation available for viewing here.

DBS Golden Jubilee

Project Title: DBS Golden Jubilee Attended “Sparks, The Musical”, commissioned by DBS to commemorate their Golden Jubilee. Read blog post here. Animation available for viewing here.